The nail polish industry is booming.

But it’s also an incredible story, according to Z’Art Interiors, a small company in the small town of Piscataway, New Jersey.

Z’Art has been working on nail polish since 2004, when its founder, Brian Schulz, was hired by the company’s parent company, the National Museum of Natural History.

Schulz, now a professor of anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, says the nail art world is a lot more diverse now than when he started, and he says he has seen many differences.

“I was really excited that this was happening, and I’ve learned a lot about nail art over the years, but it’s just a really exciting time,” he said.

In 2008, the nail polish craze hit the United States.

Consumers were bombarded with products with names like “Nails with Nails,” “Creme De Nails” and “Paint Your Own Nail Polish.”

But many people didn’t want to wear the colors.

They were called “bronies” and called them a “fad.”

“The term bronies, to me, was a slur.

And it’s really unfortunate that the term is still being used today,” said Schulz.

The name is so offensive to people of color, who are mostly black, that it is now considered a slur, according a 2013 report from the National Urban League.

Schutz says the name “bromies” is just a marketing term that makes the products look appealing to a white consumer.

“It’s not something you’re going to find in any other category,” said Dr. Schulz about the word “brome.”

“I think it’s important to remember that nail art is actually really diverse, and there’s more and more of it, and it’s still the same type of products that are out there,” he added.

“Nail art is not just for black folks.

It’s really diverse,” he continued.”

In terms of a racial aspect, I think it would be great if people understood the difference between what is and is not a nail art product, but I think there is such a thing as nail art that is for all people.”

It’s an industry in which the most popular products are “creme de nails,” a black, semi-solid nail polish.

Schutz says creme de nails are used in many places around the world.

“If you are looking for a black nail polish, you are not going to get one from New York City,” he explained.

“You’re going the wrong place.”

Nail polishes are made by pouring the color on a sponge and rubbing it onto the skin, which then coats the nails.

Schultz says it is important to take a look at the products used in different parts of the world, because they vary so much.

“You could get a nail polish in the Philippines that is white and the next day you’re wearing a different color,” he pointed out.

“The color that comes out the most is the white one.”

Some nail polish companies make a white polish with a deep, white center, while others use a clear, lighter color.

“People tend to think that there are these two, but in fact there is a difference in the way a white and a deep color are applied,” said Shulz.

Schultz also says that the best way to understand nail art would be to watch how other cultures use the same products.

“We use the words creme-de-nails in France, creme and creme in Germany, crescime in Italy, cress de nail in France and so on,” he noted.

“So you can actually see how people use different types of nail polishes and how people think differently about what they are doing.”

Schulz said he believes that people should think of nail art as a craft.

“That’s really important to understand because if you think of it as just a hobby, you don’t see the impact of it on the world,” he emphasized.

The National Museum says the museum is working on an exhibit called “Nailed to the Walls,” which will highlight the work of nail artists.

In addition to the museum, the exhibit will be hosted at the New York State Museum of Art and will be open to the public.

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