An interior drawing artist who works in London’s Tate Modern is putting the finishing touches to his latest exhibition, “In the Light of My Own Candle”.

The show is due to open at the Tate on December 20, but its first day is already sold out. 

The show is a series of images, usually drawings or paintings, that have been painted onto wall tiles, which are then set on fire.

A few pieces of the series, titled “Fire in the Sky”, have already been completed, including a large, red, glass-fronted glass table, with a “baked egg” at the bottom.

One of the pieces is titled “My House: The Artist”, and the words “My house, in the light of my own candle”.

It depicts a window looking out into a courtyard in the Tate’s main building, and says: “A house, my own, on the night of March 25, 2016, on my doorstep in a beautiful, warm, and warm-looking house.”

The other piece, titled  “The Flame of a Man Who Is Watching Me”, is a drawing of a man in a green suit, sitting at a desk, a large mirror, and a book on the floor.

It reads: “My friend, my friend, watching me, on March 25.

The sun, the sun, on your face, on this night, the evening of March 26.”

The pieces were created by the interior drawings artist, Tadee Wulf, who works for a company called Rizi & Associates, who are responsible for the works of contemporary art in the city.

“Themes and characters come out through the paintings and drawings, so they reflect a range of themes that people bring to life.

The whole project has a sort of spiritual, metaphysical aspect to it, but also a lot of practicality,” Wulf told The Independent.

The exhibition is part of the “My Life” series, which celebrates the lives of artists working in the creative arts. 

“My Life”, which runs through December 19, will feature an array of works by prominent artists including Damien Hirst, Tilda Swinton, and Damien Hodge.

More: Theatre Royal London has said it will reopen to the public on December 21 after a temporary closure, but the Tate is still expected to reopen in March.

It is not the first time that the Tate has been closed for refurbishment.

In 2017, the Tate moved to a new building in the City, but reopened on the same day.


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