My first meal at a diner was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life.

The owner and his family cooked a meal at the diner that was just as good as any I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

I was so thrilled to have a seat, as it was a new experience for me and my family, but I had no idea what to expect.

When I walked in, I felt like I had a new home, but that I was in a restaurant with a new group of people.

They were not my usual customers, but there were a few who were new to me.

I went to the kitchen and was greeted by the owner, a beautiful woman who spoke to me in the best way I could.

She told me how much she loved me and that I needed to make it a homecoming, and asked me to give her my number, which I did.

She took me back to the dining room and showed me a couple of different dishes, but she told me that I should be eating at the table.

I wanted to be there, so I made a reservation for two, but the waitress called me to tell me I could not sit down.

I felt betrayed, so instead, I decided to ask for a table somewhere else.

The server brought me my own plates and I began to eat.

I started to feel happy, but at that moment, I realised I needed some help.

I asked for a second table and was told no, because there were three more people sitting at the same table.

When it became clear that the table wasn’t going to be enough for the group, I asked the server for a fourth table, but was told that I couldn’t sit there because the other tables were occupied by others.

I took a deep breath and said, ‘Thank you for your hospitality, I will be right back’, and left.

I knew I would be late for the next table, so when the servers showed me the third table, I knew it was not going to work either.

I told the waitress that I wanted a second place, but when I got there, the servers told me they didn’t want to take a second dish.

So I asked again, and they said, I don’t want a second restaurant, so there’s only one left.

When the server returned with her fourth dish, I was still upset, but also relieved.

I said, well, if you guys don’t like me, why don’t you give me a second plate, and the waitress told me to just take a seat and wait.

I had to leave.

So, I sat at my table for five minutes, waiting for the table to open, but then the waitress took her second plate and asked for another.

I decided that I had made a huge mistake.

I didn’t know what to do, and I felt guilty about asking for a third plate and being asked to wait for the third.

I walked back to my table and told the server that I could wait, and that she had already filled my second plate with my second dish, so that was a great tip.

I don.t know what’s worse, having a bad table, or the waiter taking my second order.

My waitress was so sweet and friendly, but it was obvious that she didn’t appreciate the way I felt about this experience.

I feel terrible for the waitress, but this is a restaurant, and she was supposed to serve people.

The other diners were also very nice, and were all respectful, so the waitress did a fantastic job.

I’m not saying that a bad experience was worth five or 10% of my food, but her behavior was so wrong, that I just felt so bad for her.

I’ve since been told that the waitress who had the third plate had been suspended, and would have to write a letter of apology.

This is what I experienced: I have the same problem at other restaurants I have been to, where my table is always full, and there’s always someone waiting for me, regardless of whether or not I want to be seated.

I have even experienced situations where there’s been no food at all, or food left for a few minutes, and people are still waiting for their table to be ready.

The only thing that has made me feel better about the whole experience is that the person who brought me food was very nice.

However, the experience is still terrible, and has caused me to leave the restaurant.


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