By now you’ve probably noticed that the interior art of the world’s most expensive collection of art was on display during the recent premiere of “Inside the Art Interior of the Worlds Most Expanded Collection,” at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Art Space.

It’s been one of the highlights of this year’s premiere and there’s more to come.

But there’s one part of the exhibition that has been absent from the show that’s been on display for many years: the collection of prints that are the focal point of the art.

In fact, since its launch in 2004, the Art Center of Toronto has held an annual exhibition of these artworks called “The Art of Art,” and it’s been a tradition for them to take place at the same time as the exhibition itself.

But this year the Art Centre is hosting its second such show, a series of prints curated by the Toronto-based artist, Nadeem.

The prints were commissioned by Toronto-born artist Michael Pimentel and have been on view for more than 20 years.

While Pimentels work is usually centered around large-scale abstract works, “The Arts of Art” is a series that focuses on smaller-scale artworks that can be found in a variety of mediums.

Pimentela’s collection of 15 prints is just one of many that are on view in the new exhibition.

The other three were curated by local artist and artist educator, Emily Kowalski.

They are: “Coffee on a Barge,” “Garden,” and “Sugar House.”

All of the prints are on display at the Toronto Art Museum in the Art Space, and each is on display in its own gallery.

Each print is created with a different palette of paints, and in some cases each print has been designed with a particular style of brush and a particular angle of light.

The result is an exhibition that is very much a collaboration between Pimenteli and Kowalksi.

In a recent interview with Metro, Pimenteels daughter, Lidia, spoke about the process of crafting these works.

The Art Center has an extensive collection of paintings, but “The Streets of Toronto” is one of its most ambitious works.

“The art of art is a conversation that’s going on with us as people and as artists,” Pimentelli said.

“This is something that is really about the intersection of our lives, and the intersection is about being able to explore the world and make our own connections, and we wanted to explore that through these different mediums, which is really what the exhibition is all about.”

The exhibition’s title, “Suckers,” was inspired by an experience the family had when their son, who has Asperger’s syndrome, was diagnosed as having autism.

When Lidia was diagnosed, she decided to create an art project that would reflect the story of a person with autism and his or her family.

It was originally a piece that she designed for a family member of hers, who is deaf.

It had a couple of elements that were borrowed from the story: the family’s home, and a tree that they found at a local park.

It started out as a conversation with Lidia and her family and grew over time.

It ended up being a series for her daughter, which she also created, to create a space for the story to be told.

“It’s very much about the interconnection that happens in a family and the connections that occur in a community, and so it’s really about this very intimate relationship that exists between parents and their children,” Pitzel said.

The work also touches on issues of privilege and racism.

“I think that’s one of my favourite things about it,” Kowala said.

I’m a mother of an autistic boy, and my son has Aspens syndrome.

He has autism and a very specific language barrier.

I always wanted him to be able to express himself as an artist and not in a negative way.

So it’s important to be very sensitive to what he’s trying to express and also to see that he’s also trying to tell a story.

That’s a very important piece for us to be sensitive to.

The collection of works also includes works by local artists.

In addition to the work by Pimentellis daughter, Kowalinas son also contributed.

“In a way it’s a reflection of the family and their relationship to art,” Kowsi said.

We all are trying to make connections in the world, and sometimes those connections can come at the expense of our own personal and physical health.

We try to work in that space and try to be supportive of each other.

I think there’s a lot of support for all of us.

It can also be a very sensitive and vulnerable space for people to be there.

We want to make sure that it’s not just a


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