The interior design of a home should be as minimal as possible, but it should also be functional, artistic and stylish, said architect and interior designer Marcia Raimondo.

To that end, Raimonda and her team at the Boston Design Group have been working on a new design guide that focuses on the different types of spaces in your home, including those that are not typically considered spaces in a traditional home.

While there are many different styles of interior design, the Raimondas have developed a guide that explains how each can be used to create an interesting, contemporary home.

They’re calling it The Art of Interior Design.

Raimontas new guide includes a brief overview of the different styles and spaces in the home, and offers tips for making them more comfortable, stylish and inspiring.

“It is a very specific way of thinking about the way people should be living in a home,” Raimonde said.

RIM’s home, the Airstream, is one of the RIM home’s main areas of design.

The home is set in a small area in the living room, which is also the living space for the dining room and kitchen, according to the designers.

A big element of the Airtream’s design is the two-story building on the other side of the room.

It’s designed to be the living and dining space, and is the space where the family eats, RIM says.

This large area, known as the main dining room, has a window and doors that open onto the main living room.

The room is also divided into three distinct areas.

The first, called the living area, is divided into two smaller rooms.

The second is the dining area.

The third, known colloquially as the kitchen, is just the kitchen and dining area, with a window that lets in light into the dining and living areas.

This is the room that will be used for meals.

There are also two small windows that let in light to the kitchen.

This can be good for getting some sunlight, Rimbondo said.

The design also has a large, open plan area that allows you to get some sunlight.

There is also a central fireplace with a gas stove and grill that is used for cooking.

The dining room has two separate levels: the main, open dining area and the dining/dining room.

This section is divided in two sections: the kitchen with the fireplace and grill and the smaller dining/lounge area.

This area is divided equally into the main and dining areas.

Both sections are also separated by a large open table and two chairs, which Rimbonda said gives the space the look of a dining room.

Each section is also separated from the other by a glass partition that allows for privacy.

The kitchen and the small dining/livestream area are divided by a small, open table.

The main dining area is separated from this area by a sliding glass partition.

The large dining area has a fireplace and a small open table that is set on a ledge on the ground floor.

There also is a small table set on the ledge that overlooks the main floor of the main house.

The smaller dining area also has this large open area that overlook is a large fireplace that is in the middle of the dining floor.

Rimbonde said that it was important to make sure that each area of the home had enough space to make the room feel like a dining hall or a home office.

The area that has a lot of windows, such as the windows in the kitchen that allow the light in, will be important in conveying that this is a home that is open, she said.

This allows you and the guests to get a sense of how much of a space it is.

Rims’ main design goal is to use these elements in the way that make the home feel intimate and open.

“The way to do that is to take advantage of every single inch of space, to use it in a way that makes it feel as if you are part of the entire house,” Rimbondas said.

“You can really feel that you are at home, as opposed to just the part that you occupy.

We want the house to be as inviting as possible.”

The design guide also includes some suggestions for how to use different materials.

The Airtown is a medium-weight fabric that Rimbonds team used to design a lot more of the house than just the main building.

“We have had a lot, but we don’t have any fabric that’s light and comfortable,” she said, explaining that it needed to have a different texture and feel that would make it more comfortable for people who sit or sit on the edge of chairs or couches.

Rimondas also had a look at how she wanted the kitchen to look.

The interior of the kitchen is divided by glass, and Rims said that


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