Interior art is becoming more common.

The term refers to the way art works inside a home, and the style is changing across the country.

Here are five things you need to know about interior art.


Interiors can look like a series of paintings, or even a full house.

The interior of a house is an important part of how it feels to live.

“You can’t really describe what it is like to be a homeowner in a house without the interior art,” said Heather Burt, the curator of interior art at the National Gallery of Art.


Inside an interior art project is often more than just a series, or maybe just a bunch of paintings inside the house.

“Interior art is like a giant art project,” Burt said.

“It’s a series.

It’s a collection of ideas.

The artist is in charge of making it look like it’s all on the artist.”


Interior art can be an expression of personality or an expression to get people out of their homes.

“We have a feeling that there is a particular aesthetic of our city that we want to embody, so that when people walk in the front door of the house, they can be more aware of that and feel more connected,” said Burt.


Interiordes are more than art.

The interiors of homes can also be a reflection of the home.

“When you see a lot of art in a home,” Burch said, “that’s probably the thing that most people think of.

It can be a representation of a neighborhood, of a place, or of a person.”


Interifets can be about more than one thing.

Burt suggests that people who want to make interior art might focus on things like decor and furniture, but that might not be the most important thing for a homeowner.

“Some people want to get inside their house, but not all of the time,” Bunch said.

How you choose your home’s interior art can also make or break the quality of your project.

Burch recommends that people paint something that is a little more in line with the style of the neighborhood they live in, but also be mindful of the quality and style of their work.

“I think you need quality work that will stand out from the rest of the work,” she said.

Be sure to read more about interior paintings and their history at the Art Gallery of Chicago.