With his trademark white mustache, black-and-gold gear, and an attitude that would make an Olympic gold medalist blush, the Rams mascot has become a star.

But it’s a far cry from when the team first made the move to a stadium built to accommodate a football team.

A decade ago, Rams owner Stan Kroenke spent $25 million to buy the Los Angeles Coliseum, which was already packed to capacity, and it was then that he decided to make the Rams the team’s home.

The decision to build the stadium for a team of the same name was a radical one for Kroenkes, who had been a supporter of the Los Alamitos Naval Observatory and the San Francisco 49ers.

The team had been in Oakland since 1965, when the Rams moved to the Coliseum, but it had never played in Los Angeles before.

But Kroen’s gamble paid off, as the team began playing games at the new stadium every year.

In fact, it was the only stadium the team could play in.

And by the time the Rams left Oakland in 2000, they had won eight of the last nine Super Bowls.

Now, more than a decade after Kroenves move, the team is poised to announce its new home, a brand-new stadium in Inglewood, Calif., which is scheduled to open in 2020.

And the new home will be the first of several new stadiums the Rams are to open, which will expand the franchise’s reach in the region and make it the only NFL team to play its home games at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.

And while Kroenbes new home is in Ingletown, the plan to move the team to the new Inglemont site is not a done deal, and will take time.

The Ingle Coliseum site, which is about three miles from Inglebrook, will be used for the Rams stadium only, not the new site.

The city will also need to find a new site for the stadium.

The plan is a complicated one, and the team has not been able to secure the necessary financing to move forward, but Kroenis team is trying to make it happen.

“We’ve had a great time here,” Rams coach Sean McVay said.

“I think we’re a great organization.

I’m proud of our fans, of our players, and I’m going to miss the team and the fans.”

So is Kroenes new home a good idea?

“Absolutely,” he said.


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