A house in a remote desert town is making waves around the world, and it has inspired a whole new generation of art interlocutors.

In this series of video essays, artists from around the globe discuss their work and share stories.

The house is known as the Ferengi House and the owners, a group of former diplomats from the Federation of Klingon Enterprises, have been living there for the past decade, living in a space that they say is the closest they’ve ever come to being an actual Klingon family.

They call it the “in space house” and, in the words of a local man who visited, “they have the house where you can’t go without having a meal.”

They even named the house “The Klingon Family.”

The house has an impressive collection of Klingon artifacts, including a pair of ceremonial stalks, a Klingon-style turban, and a Klingon war ship.

One of the more unique features is that the house is not just a collection of items, but an actual house, complete with its own kitchen, kitchenette, and bathroom.

There’s even a Klingon kitchen built into the floor, complete for the home’s sole occupant.

The Feregi House is a unique and unique building in the Klingon universe, a house that has the power to transform the people and places around it.

The original Klingon house, which was built in 2152 by the Federation to honor a famous Klingon leader, was constructed in an abandoned Klingon colony in the Gamma Quadrant.

The Federation had discovered the outpost, and when the outpost was destroyed by the Cardassian forces in 2154, it was later rebuilt.

The site was then reclaimed by the Klingon people, who have been building this house ever since.

A lot of the history of the Klingon house has been told in the novels The Last Remnant and The Final Frontier, which told the story of a family that lived in the house and were ultimately forced to leave.

When The Last REMnant came out in 2017, a movie was released about the story, but the Ferenorians still have not released the entire story.

In a 2017 interview, the family told The Hollywood Reporter that they didn’t want to tell the whole story.

The only thing we know about the house was the fact that the Klingons built it and they have a family here.

The family, which is comprised of six members and two children, has said that they hope to eventually build a house for their entire Klingon family, and they believe that they are on the verge of being able to do that.

It has been reported that they have been working on this house for about a decade, and the building is still under construction.

The people of the Ferentians are proud of the building and hope that it becomes a symbol of hope for their people.

It was also reported that a Klingon man was in the home at the time of the film, which means that the Freetian’s will have an opportunity to be seen by the entire galaxy.

This article first appeared on Space.com.


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