If you ever want to rid yourself of the old White House decor, here’s what you need to know. 

I’ve never seen a White House that looks this ugly. 

What’s wrong with the White Houses decor? 

The White House was once the hub of American life, the center of American power and influence, the home of the presidency, and a symbol of American values and principles.

The White House has been a symbol for America since it was built.

Its grandeur and grandeur’s been a central element of American history, but it is now being eroded by the encroachment of the Trump administration.

The old White Houses facade is now in ruins. 

It’s now completely covered with graffiti, graffiti that’s literally covered in words.

It’s literally painted over. 

The former White House is filled with signs that look like they were written by someone who was a child and who knows nothing about the world.

They’re just scribbles on paper, but there’s an unmistakable power and presence behind them.

The original White House mural on the White Street, a street in the heart of the Old Town of Washington, D.C. (Maggie Sherwood/AP) The new White House, with its many walls covered in graffiti, has no one left to protect the old one.

Its crumbling facade is a monument to the destruction of the United States by Donald Trump, the man who has replaced Barack Obama as our president.

The wall that used to be the front door of the historic White House. 

There’s a reason for this. 

In order to protect our legacy, we had to keep it intact.

We had to continue the legacy of the Civil War and Reconstruction, which are our proudest moments in American history. 

We had to preserve the heritage of our country.

We needed to protect it, we needed to be sure it wasn’t going to go away.

So we built this wall, and the president was happy. 

And then he was going to build another. 

But the wall was just a temporary wall. 

President Trump signs a proclamation to preserve, protect and restore the historic, historic and cultural significance of the National Mall. 

(Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) The new White house is a testament to our country and its values. 

“The walls of this building were made of a thick, hard stone, and they were painted with a color that reflects the colors of the new administration’s campaign promises,” explained historian Nancy Eriksen, a professor of American and world history at Rutgers University.

“This is what the new WhiteHouse looks like.” 

The walls are painted in black, white, red and yellow, and there’s a strong sense of symbolism. 

When you see the new wall, you can feel the difference between what we’ve built and what we’re doing to it.

The walls are a testament of our legacy. 

You can see the words, “Keep the legacy.

Keep the legacy.” 

You see the signs that say, “Our president wants to preserve our legacy.”

You see the word “President.” 

We have a wall in our house that looks like a wall, but you know, it’s not. 

If you ever feel that the old Trump White House just isn’t going away, then you know what to do.

It doesn’t have to be ugly, but if it’s ugly, it needs to be removed. 

This mural of the Washington Monument in front of the West Wing of the Executive Office Building. 

They’ve taken away all the monuments. 

Even the words of the Constitution that the Founding Fathers wrote are being torn down and replaced with graffiti and symbols that reflect Trump’s political ideology and worldview. 

People are going to be very upset when they look at this wall.

It just seems to be a direct attack on our history and our country, the very reason that we are here. 

One of the things that’s going to cause most of the backlash in this era is the destruction that’s taking place on our country because of this new wall.

We’re not going to allow this to happen.

We’re going to take it down.


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