Art gallery, one of the oldest in the world, will host an exhibition titled “The New Art” during the exhibition’s opening.

The show is part of the Art of the Month Club, which has been established by the New York-based company for more than 50 years.

Art of the month Club executive director Scott Pomerantz said the exhibition will be a “fantastic opportunity for our artists to showcase their work, share their inspiration, and celebrate the importance of collaboration.”

Pomerantz is a member of the company’s board and has worked for the organization since 2014.

The exhibition will showcase the work of artists such as Dora Deutsch, Jameson de la Vega, and John Lennon, and will also feature works from the Art Center in New York City, where the exhibition is being held.

The Art of The Month Club was founded in 1976 in New Haven, Connecticut, to promote the arts and cultural heritage of the United States.

It has held more than 200 exhibitions in a variety of fields, including art history, art photography, architecture, photography, and theater.

Pomeranz said he was inspired to form the Art Of The Month club after he visited a gallery in Rome and saw the work displayed there.

He said it was a turning point in his career as an artist and the opportunity to do something with the same kind of passion he has for art.

“It was an opportunity to connect with people in a way that I never thought I would be able to do,” Pomeranz told CNN.

“I never knew what was possible, and this was a way for me to show people what I was capable of.”

Art of The Week, the museum’s weekly showcase of contemporary art, is held every Sunday at the New England Museum.


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