The interior art gallery at the University of Florence is known for showcasing a wide range of original pieces.

The gallery recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

This year’s exhibit featured the work of art featured in the recent documentary Ufo, which follows Ufo artist and painter, Giacomo Guercione.

The Ufo series features over 20 paintings by Ufos painter and curator, Andrea Foschi, whose works are now on display at the gallery.

The show also featured paintings by Italian artists, like Andrea Mignogna, the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, who collaborated with Fosci on the painting of the Ufo logo.

The museum’s main exhibition, the Ufo series, is currently on view at the Biblioteca di Fondazione in Milan, and the gallery’s main show will be in the Uxbridge Gallery in London from June 15-20.

Ufo is one of the oldest contemporary artworks, dating back to the 18th century, when it was first exhibited at the Uppsala Art Museum.

It was later exhibited in Paris, but the Ufa was never seen in the United Kingdom.

The artist died in 1963 and was buried in the city of Parma, Italy.

UFO is now available on the Ulfa site for $1,200.