Here’s what you need to know about the best studios for interior design.


RAYBURN Studio The RAYBUFFER Studio has been in business for over 50 years.

The studio has a reputation for being a “premier” studio in the industry and it was recently named the UK’s best interior design studio in a recent survey.

The Studio has a wide range of interiors to choose from, including the award-winning Varsity, a luxury lounge, the spacious Grand Hotel and the stylish Art Deco City Hall.

The company has also produced several other design concepts, such as the award winning City Hall Hotel.

The RUBEN Studio has recently undergone a facelift to offer a “modern and contemporary feel” to the company.

The new design is set to become a “major new project”, with new designs to be featured in the company’s portfolio.


ROGERS INTERIOR The ROGER INTERIOR team has recently been overhauling its existing design and development team.

This includes the redesign of the interior of the Grand Hotel, the renovation of the RAYAUS building, the redesign and development of the GALLERY, and the expansion of the retail spaces in the ROCO Building.

The team also has plans to expand into the retail space on the main level of the hotel, the ROGEN Building.


MOLAN Design The Molan Design team has just completed a major facelifting of the iconic ROCA building in Cardiff, UK.

The project was initially announced as a renovation project but was quickly pushed back.

The architects are now working on a new facelifted and rebranded building which will provide a modern and contemporary “sensible, inviting and inviting”.

The project has been announced as the ROSE project.

The renovation project is set for completion in 2018.


STEVENSON Designs The STEVENSON team has been working on the ROOFTOP LEED award winning new design for the iconic Royal Palms hotel.

The hotel is a unique architectural landmark in the City of London, and will be a major new development.

The design has been developed using a wide variety of architectural and technical expertise, and was designed to be “world class”, with a “very special experience”.


EYEBROOK Design A modern, open and flexible design studio.

Eyebrook has been one of the most successful interior designers in the UK, with clients including the likes of Paddington Bear and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The firm is known for creating modern and modern-style interiors with a focus on “innovation, style and performance”.


KIRK Architects A design studio that specializes in contemporary design and construction, Kirk Architects has been involved in projects across the world.

The office space was once a high-rise office building, but has since been transformed into a boutique hotel.

This new design also features a large retail space, as well as a “living room” designed to create a “semi-retro feel” and “make it homey”.


JAPANESE ARTIST/INTERIOR The ARTIST interiors studio is a design team focused on the design of interior design studios in Japan.

This team has worked on some of the country’s most iconic architecture, including Goyama Building, the Chuoji-Mitsukaze Shrine and the Ginza Tower.

It has also developed some of Japan’s most successful architectural design, including Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay Bridge and the Shibuya Station.


HONG KONG DESIGN The HONGKONG DESIGNS team has a strong history of working on contemporary design projects in Hong Kong, with many of the company partners being international celebrities such as Yoko Ono, Marilyn Monroe and David Bowie.

The Hong Kong Design team also designed the iconic Goyamas buildings in Hong and has also worked with the London Olympic Organising Committee.


LABORATORY/HIGH ROOM DESIGN Studio with over 40 years of experience in interior design and architecture, Labo Architects has recently rebranded and expanded their office space in Cardiff.

The brand has previously worked on a number of high-profile projects including the Tate Modern, the Guggenheim Museum and the World’s Fair in Beijing.

The future is bright, as Labo plans to add a new building to the site.


CITIZEN BUNNY/DESIGN BUNNY design studio has recently worked on the landmark building at the Gagosian Museum, as part of the redevelopment of the museum.

The Gagosy has been an iconic and beloved landmark in Europe for more than three centuries, and it has inspired generations of artists, architects, designers and engineers.


HANDS OF A WONDERLAND/HELP FOR WOMEN HELPFUL is a new design studio and design agency based


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