I found an article about the history of antique circus architecture in the 1960s by artist Nicola Interior Art.

The article is by an Italian artist called Alessandro Perna, who has been touring Italy for the past few years.

I found the article via a Google search.

The first image you see above is of an early circus interior design by Pernabellini.

It shows a small stage with a rope around the top and a giant wheel that moves around the interior.

Pernas artwork was done for the Circus of Rome in the 1950’s.

The interior is painted in a light blue palette, with white, brown, and red colors.

In the background, a white, black, and white stripe runs down the center of the room, which is painted dark gray.

A white strip runs across the ceiling and floor, which are painted with a darker gray color.

Pertinent details include a large white, yellow, and green triangle with a white circle in the center.

Pennas name appears to be in Italian, with a slight accent.

There is a large green, yellow and red light that shines on the white triangle in the corner.

The light circles around the wheel are a little bit like the ones found on the inside of the circus car.

A red circle is in the middle of the circle.

PERNA’S SONG The song “Pernas Theme” appears on the album “Carcassonne”.

The song was written by Penna in 1955.

In “Pennas Theme”, Pernáns theme is about his family, his circus, and his work.

The song features a song that he wrote in 1954 for his family in which he sings: “When I see my father’s car, I feel sad.

I feel like I don’t belong here.”

I found a recording of the song on YouTube.

PENNA’s MUSIC VIDEO This video, made in 1955, features a performance of Pernanas music video from the 1956 Venice International Film Festival.

PENNS BAND The Pennanese band, Pernán, was founded in 1887 and disbanded in 1922.

In 1924, they recorded their first album, which featured songs from Pernadona’s childhood.

They recorded another album, called “Cinema Doria”, which featured performances of Parnas songs from the circus.

In 1926, Pennannes eldest son, Nino, joined the circus as a “talent”.

The band played a series of shows in Venice and on a stage in the Circus dei Fiori.

In 1928, they played a concert in the Palazzo di Storia in Florence.

PORNOGRAPHY Pernatas Circus began performing in 1927.

In 1931, the Pennans son, Vittorio, joined Parnatas circus and became the “chief conductor”.

Pernati had two more sons, Domenico and Giuseppe.

In 1939, Parnata replaced Vittoria and became “the Circus chief.”

Pernatis first son, Luigi joined Pernata and became a circus official in 1950.

Parnatis second son, Stefano, joined circus in 1954.

In 1961, the circus moved to a new facility.

In 1964, Pertoria became “president” and Pernatta became the general manager of the “Cambioni di Santa Maria” circus.

PENCIO D’IACO The Pernatella family is the “family” of the Pernats.

The Pencos are a Pernatic family.

They are a group of three brothers, Gio, Giuseo, and Francesco.

Francesco is the father of Pennat, and Gio is the son of Perta.

PERTANO D’ICO Pertano D’icomo is a painter, and one of the most important members of the family.

Penedetto D’ico D’iciocchi, was born in Venice in 1883.

In 1911, he joined the Circus du Capri circus and lived in the city until 1932.

He became a conductor and also took part in the Prenanese shows.

He was an excellent conductor and he was the one who first proposed the idea of a “grand orchestra”.

PENNETTO D’ICO D’INCORPORATI Pennano Dicomo was born near Florence in 1894.

He attended the University of Venice and went to Paris where he studied art.

He then moved to Milan where he spent a few years working on the “Vivaldi opera”.

Penno Dicoma died in Rome in 1956 at the age of 91.

PANNETTO DICOMI The Pannettos are one of two families of Perenati d’icioccasioni, the name given to the


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