The zine Art Decou is an important source of inspiration for modern art students.

Its cover features a portrait of artist David Bowie by British sculptor Alan Grant.

But a recent exhibition in Brisbane’s City Gallery will feature works by the likes of the late Frank Zappa and the late John Cage.

A book on the zine’s history will also be available.

But what exactly is an art deco interior?

How did it get its name?

How does it differ from a modern art zines?

These are the questions that Art Decor interior art curator Amanda Krawczyk has grappled with.

“I’m very much of the opinion that art decou is a more inclusive term,” Ms Krawcik said.

“It means you’re really in your home in terms of the spaces you have, and that’s what makes it a more authentic experience.”

“The thing that I love about the art decO is that you’re not just looking at it from a gallery perspective,” Ms Taylor said.

It’s not an art gallery, but you are in the house where it is produced.

So what’s an art decor?

“Art decou has a really specific meaning in Australian culture, and it’s what I would call an architectural reference,” Ms Williams said.

“It’s where the art comes from and the idea behind it.”

What’s an Art Decoy?

It means, “I’m not just showing off”.

“We are artists and we create the works and we are artists,” Ms Brown said. 

“The art decoy is the person who’s creating it and the artist is not necessarily doing the work.”

And that’s where art decoders come in.

They create the images that go on the back of the book and the zines.

Ms Taylor said a lot of people have the misconception that art is about decoration.

She’s not sure it is.

“Art is about living, and living is art,” she said.

She said art decoys could be more about living than decorating.

“We use them to give a sense of community and community can be the most important thing in life,” Ms Jones said.”[Deco] is really about a way of living that’s more than just decoration.”

So how do you get into art decoud?

The first step is to find an art museum that has an exhibit space for you.

Then it’s a matter of finding an art school.

If you’re already in a art school, Ms Taylor recommends going to one of the local art colleges, or a local museum. 

Then the next step is finding an ArtDeco room to sit in.

You might have to go out and buy a ticket to go to the art school where you’ve been.

Or, if you’re a student in a traditional art school like Melbourne’s, you might have a chance to go in the museum where you’ll be sitting.

For a more traditional art decoder, Ms Krewcik recommends finding a gallery or a school that has a large art room.

But what about when you’re working from home?

Art deco rooms can be great for students working from a desk or computer, but they can also be great places to be during the day.

“You can use them for meetings, you can use the art to communicate and it will be really helpful when you have meetings and you have a lot more people around,” Ms Black said.

But what’s the best way to learn how to decorate?

If your work is really good, you’ll get an invite to an art class.

In the same way, if your work isn’t really good but you get invited, you should probably do it yourself.

There are lots of books on decorating, and you can pick one up at your local art store.

At first you might think that the art on the book is the best you can get.

But it’s really hard to tell what works and what doesn’t.

“Deco is an amazing term to get into, because it doesn’t mean you’re just looking for the best work,” Ms Miller said.

So if your book is really great, you will definitely find the books on art decor on Amazon, but if you don’t get an invitation to a class, there are other options.

And you can always check out the local galleries and museums for more inspiration.

How to Decorate Your Own Home?

So the next time you’re looking for inspiration for decorating your own home, you could start by looking at a book.

“The best way of starting is by looking into the art books,” Ms Smith said.