article Art and the Art of Living Source USA Today article You probably have your eye on some really cool pieces of art in your living room.

The thing is, you might be a little confused by the pieces you find.

And the pieces that don’t make it into your living rooms?

Not so much.

Here are some of the things you should know about these pieces of artwork, how they’re produced, and what to expect when you put them in your room.1.

Art and Architecture are a part of every home and can be found in every room in every home, says designer and designer/architect Karen McManus.


There’s a good chance you already know what architecture is, but it’s worth remembering that architecture has a history, says architect Paul J. Bieser.


Art has always been part of our culture, says architectural historian David B. Tuchman.


There are a lot of different kinds of architecture, says Richard H. Stover.


Art can be something that really captures a moment or a time in time, says artist Michael T. Pichardo.


Art is not limited to a single time, but can be used for any situation.


We like to think of art as a form of memory, but there’s a lot to consider when designing art, says Pichard.


Art will always have its place in the home, and not just in your art room.


We’re used to seeing art on walls, but art can be in many different locations.


Some of the most memorable pieces of furniture have been found in art rooms, says design expert and architect John D. Dickey.


Art doesn’t just need to look great.


Artists have always made some of their best work in the same room as their work.


The best way to discover what’s new and exciting in your home is to spend time there.


There is no right or wrong way to build an art room, says Biesman.


Art’s power comes from its simplicity, explains designer/designer/archivist David Bies


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