An interior art gallery in Chennai, which recently hosted the exhibition “The Art of the Interiors of the Castle”, has produced a beautiful piece by architect Sivakumar K. Vannath.

The art-centric gallery in Aluvadi Street in Chennai has a large collection of contemporary and classic interiors.

Among the artists featured are the renowned architect Sivasan Vannathan (Majestic City), the award-winning architect B. Raja (The City of Art), the contemporary artist and designer Sivikanth G. (D.N.C.), and the former interior design and architecture director at a number of Indian companies, including P.V. Ramakrishnan, V. V. Kulkarni, P.S. Ramachandran, and R.M. Ramanujan.

Amongst the artists who have worked on the project are K.V., K. Ramashankar (V.K.), and K.


Vannath’s “The Castle Interiors” exhibition was curated by M.K. Nandakumar, who has worked on a number projects for the past 15 years.

Nandakumara is the owner of Kallipur Architecture & Design, a renowned architectural firm with a long history of interdisciplinary architecture projects in Chennai.

She has worked extensively with Vannakumar on his various interiors projects, including the recently completed Rameshwaranagar in Chennai and the newly completed Vadakayam Hotel in Chennai’s South East.

NANDAKUMARA is a resident of Bengaluru and Chennai, where she lives with her family.NANDAKURA, who was also a member of the group of architects which designed the new Interiors, said that it was the second time that she had worked with Vanniath and the second for a large project.

The first time, he had designed the Kallipsur Art Gallery in the south-east city.

Nandedakumaru has also been a part of the interiors team for a number project with Ramesharanagiri Architects and Associates.

She said that she was impressed with V.K.’s work and the direction he took.

“Vanniath was very attentive to my input.

He took into account the views of the architect and the artist, and we had an incredible time,” NANDAPURAMAR said.

“The interior of the castle has a rich history and culture.

It has always been a place of pilgrimage and an iconic place for many generations.

We have to ensure that we give our heritage and history to the best use possible.”


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