A quick and easy cake decorating project can transform a wedding into a celebration of the joys of life.

The idea is to make a cake, add your own touches and embellish with the names of loved ones.

“You can put any of the names on it,” says Tracey Gorman, author of Cake Bunch.

“They don’t have to be big names.

They could be just a few names from your family.”

Here are some of our favourite ideas for wedding cake decoration ideas.

Make your own cake This is the easiest way to make an elegant and unique cake, using just a basic palette of food colouring and cake decorations.

The recipe, Cake Batter, includes an assortment of different food colourings, from chocolate to vanilla, plus the names and dates of your loved ones on a sheet of white cake paper.

You can use a simple white cake cake or a cake made with a thicker cake, and add your names and details.

You could also try the cake with white icing, or add the names to a cake tray and then use a brush to colour the cake and sprinkle it with the icing.

How to decorate your own cakes for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries Read more about cake decorate.

This recipe is also perfect for small groups and couples who want to take the cake to the next level.

“We’re doing weddings, funerals, parties and birthday parties,” says Gorman.

“It’s perfect for couples who are just starting to get married.”

Gorman’s book, CakeBatter, is available at bookshops and online at Amazon.com.

She says you can add a cake to a tray of food colours to create a different flavour.

“Just use the names, date and colour of your cake,” she says.

You might also want to make this a gift for a loved one or give your cake a different name.

“Your cake is your cake, so make sure you have a good reason for it,” she advises.

The decorating technique is easy and it can be done at home.

“This is a really fun and simple way to decorating cakes and the names are easy to remember,” she explains.

“The name is your own.

You don’t need any special supplies.”

This recipe comes with a list of names, dates and colours you can use to decorame your cake.

You’ll need to cut the cake in half, and slice it into strips, then bake it in a 350-degree oven for 20 minutes.

Cook the cakes, and sprinkle the icing over the top.

“Add your name and date and then bake for another 20 minutes, and then let it cool completely,” says She says.

Gorman says it’s best to leave the cake baking for at least a couple of hours, but it can still be done for up to two hours.

“Then you can cut it up into pieces and serve them with a cake and frosting,” she adds.

What you need to decorrate a cake for a wedding and a wedding party A kitchen palette of foods, like chocolate or vanilla, is ideal for this.

You may need to make the cake for up two people.

You also might want to use food colour or food colour-coated cake tins or food cake trays.

“I think they’re great for parties,” she suggests.

“If you’re going to have a wedding, you want to have your cake in front of everyone and they need to get a look at it.”

You can make a big batch of cake, but a lot of people have to go to the grocery store to get their cake, which can be really upsetting,” she said.

To help with the decorating process, you can also use a bowl and a sponge to make tiny cakes that look more like cakes.

You need to use a white cake pan, not a cupcake pan, and use a food colour palette that’s light enough for you to use.

“Sometimes, people use chocolate to make it look like the cake is made of chocolate.” “

Some people use a cake tester and then put it on their cake and then they can measure out the colours on the tester, which makes it really easy to add different names,” she warns.

“Sometimes, people use chocolate to make it look like the cake is made of chocolate.”

Make a cake with cake trimmings or decorations The recipe includes a variety of cake trims.

The cake trimmer you’ll need can be a cake trim maker, and you can make these with food colour trims, too.

“Food colour trimmers are a great idea, too,” says Bridget McEwan, an expert in cake decor, food art and food art supplies at the Australian Crafts Centre.

You make a colour palette from food colour colours, and decorate the cake or cake tray with a mixture of colouring.

You should add a couple colours to your tray to help with colours.