Inside Art interior is a series on The Art Journal.

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The series explores art on the walls of offices, churches, bars, apartments, and homes.

Here’s a look at the project’s interior art, including: a piece in the lobby of a New York City apartment building a wall in a new apartment building on the East Coast featuring a painting of a woman and a flower on a wood panel and a mural of an owl and a snowflake a mural in the same building that features a young woman with a baby on a canvas inside a house and a bird nest in a field. 

The mural in one of the new apartments features a woman in a white dress with a face of a girl and a baby.

The mural was painted in March of this year by an artist called Laura. 

Laura told The Art Bulletin that the mural in her apartment is inspired by her daughter who is a photographer. 

“She wanted to make a mural in my living room,” Laura said.

“I said, ‘Oh, wow, I’ve got to paint this on the wall.'”

Laura said that her daughter’s photo project was a collaboration with a friend, but that it was not her idea.

“She had done some other art, and she was thinking of doing a project like this,” Laura told The Bulletin.

“So we got to thinking of this little girl that she loves to do photography.

So, she said, I’m going to do this, too.”

Laura has worked on several projects and installations throughout New York, including a mural for a school in Brooklyn.

Laura said that this project was meant to be her first mural and to be a continuation of the larger project that she was working on earlier this year.

“It’s a project that I really want to get out to people,” Laura explained.

“It’s been so long since I’ve painted a mural and I’ve really been trying to figure out where I want to go in terms of what I want and what I need to do.”

Laura said she wanted to do a project in her living room that was about her daughter, so she had a different idea.

Laura said this mural was done in a small room in the apartment building that her friend had just painted.

“So, the baby’s sleeping on the floor,” Laura recalled.

“And the painting was like this, I don’t know, like a mural.

So we wanted to be like, ‘We need a baby in there.’

And we said, we want to do something in the room that the baby is sleeping on.

So that’s what we did.”

Laura told the Art Bulletin she started by sketching the wall.

“I sketched the wall in about two minutes,” Laura recounted.

“The thing that struck me about the whole thing is, I drew it with the baby in it.

So I just knew that there was something there.”

Laura described the room as a “crowded” space, with the child on the ground, on the edge of the painting.

“This was something that had happened so many times,” Laura added.

“In my life, it’s something that I’ve been afraid to do.

It’s something I’ve done for years.

I’ve tried to keep it to myself.

I didn’t want to let people know that it had happened, but I wanted to show that I was alive.”

Laura added that the idea for the mural came from her husband, who is also a photographer and a painter.

“He was like, I just wanted to paint something that we would actually talk about and not be afraid of,” Laura revealed.

“He said, you know, I want a mural, too.

And I said, OK, we can do it.”

Laura’s work has been featured on New York Magazine, GQ, Glamour, Esquire, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, and The Wall Street Journal.

She has received numerous awards including an Annie Award, the Art Directors Guild Award, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award.


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