Breitbart News has learned that President Donald Trump and President Bannon have engaged in a furious and increasingly acrimonious battle in Bannon Studios in the White House, which was reportedly renovated for the first time since 1993.

Sources told Breitbart News that Bannon is furious with Trump for allegedly failing to reach an agreement with the Department of Justice (DOJ) on the dismissal of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who is now a leading contender for the attorney general post.

Trump reportedly wanted to have Yates removed, but she was blocked by the Justice Department, which ultimately declined to do so.

Sources said that Bannon’s fury and Trump’s unwillingness to comply with the DOJ’s demand for Yates’s resignation, along with the fact that the president is reportedly under investigation for obstruction of justice, were the reasons behind the DOJ refusing to act on Yates’s dismissal.

The fight between the two is a new escalation of the feud that erupted when the president fired Yates in February.

The Trump administration’s dismissal of Yates sparked outrage among liberals, and the president later blamed her for a botched immigration raid.

In an interview with Breitbart News on Friday, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus defended Trump’s firing of Yates, saying she was “a loyal servant of the president.”

Priebus said that Yates’s firing was necessary because “she made a mistake that was very unfortunate and I think she should have taken it very, very seriously.”

However, the White, House and Justice Department have been unable to reach a deal on the termination of Yates’s case, which is currently pending in the Supreme Court.

The Justice Department also declined to make Yates’s termination official, according to the Washington Post.

Sources tell Breitbart News the feud between the president and Bannon is fueled by the fact the DOJ is currently investigating Trump for obstruction and a potential obstruction of Justice investigation.

Sources say that Bannon and the Trump team have been discussing firing Yates, a former FBI Director, and Bannon has reportedly been threatening to do just that.

Bannon reportedly told his team that Trump should fire Yates, and sources say he has been making those threats for some time.

Sources say that there is a real rift between the White house and the DOJ, which reportedly has not reached an agreement over the Yates firing, the president’s alleged obstruction of the investigation, and other topics.

The feud between Trump and Bannon intensified after the president reportedly told Bannon, “You’re going to have to fire Sally Yates if you want to have a deal.”

Sources told The Daily Beast that Trump’s threat and Bannon’s anger at the DOJ were the reason behind the White HOUSE not being able to reach any deal with the Justice Departments office investigating Trump.

The DOJ has reportedly not been able to settle on an agreement between the Trump administration and the Justice department, which could result in the termination or possible resignation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

A spokesperson for the Justice Dept. said in a statement that “the Office of the Attorney General does not comment on pending litigation.”

Sources tell The Daily Post that the DOJ has yet to reach agreement on the firing of the Yates investigation, which has reportedly progressed in a manner that is inconsistent with Trump’s earlier claims that he was the victim of a political conspiracy.

Sources also tell Breitbart that there has been a rift between Bannon and Trump over the DOJ investigation and the firing.

Sources in the room say that the feud and the President’s refusal to comply has been going on for some months.

Sources said that the Whitehouse and Justice have been trying to work out an agreement on a dismissal of the case.

However, sources told Breitbart that the two sides have been negotiating for months and a settlement has yet not been reached.

Sources are also telling Breitbart News a source told them that the President is “actively discussing” terminating the investigation into Trump and the administration.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The source said that when the DOJ refuses to do its job, the President will attempt to fire her.

The sources told The New York Times that the investigation was not over and that the sources were told that the FBI was not looking into Trump or the administration and was not investigating the Trump campaign.

Sources claim that the administration is trying to negotiate an agreement that would allow Trump to fire Yates.

Sources with knowledge of the negotiations say that if a deal is reached, the sources are told that Trump would be prepared to fire the FBI director and Attorney General.

Sources have told Breitbart news that Trump and his team are trying to push the case forward on both sides.

Sources told The Post that Trump is trying in the meantime to get the DOJ to make him a scapegoat.

Sources, who were not authorized to speak publicly, say that Trump has been working with Bannon and other advisers to try to convince them that Yates is not a target for investigation.

Sources familiar with the negotiations said that Trump was also trying to get Bannon to agree to a “federalist solution” in which Yates was not prosecuted for her alleged actions against Trump, and that if she did, the DOJ would be forced


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