Art Interior will open a Modern Interior Arts House on Oct 31, which is the first studio to open in the U.S. in 20 years.

It will offer a collection of contemporary art, including works by artists from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, plus works by Japanese and Mexican artists, as well as a number of contemporary contemporary art installations.

The studio, which will also house an art museum, will have a reception and a show space for private and public events.

The Modern Interior art house is one of the first major studio openings for a museum, and is a collaboration between Art Interior and the Los Angles Museum of California, which also opened its first Modern Interior gallery in 2013.

In addition to the Modern Interior galleries, Art Interior is partnering with the Los Inglese Art Museum to open a new museum, the Art Interior Museum of Los Angeles, on the site of the former Los Angeles Public Library.

The gallery will feature work by local artists and the LA-based museum has been instrumental in bringing more public art and contemporary art to Los Angeles.

Art Interior and Art Interior Studio have been collaborating on projects in Los Angeles since 2013, and are both part of the new Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, a nonprofit group formed in 2013 to preserve and create works of art in Los Angels art district, including a museum that focuses on the city’s rich cultural history.

The group is dedicated to making Los Angeles a more sustainable, livable, and sustainable community through its work.

Art interior art is an international art form that has been embraced by international audiences and artists from around the world.

Its artistic form is largely inspired by nature and its form has been used for over two centuries.

The art forms most popular are sculpture and painting, which are used to create abstract designs, paintings, prints, and sculpture.


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