If you are looking for a beautiful piece of art that you can share on social media, you will probably find this piece in the gallery below. 

I have posted this photo of this piece on Instagram to show how gorgeous it is. 

The artist of the piece is called ‘Tulip’, and he is based in the Netherlands. 

He is a young artist who is taking inspiration from nature and painting beautifully on paper. 

Here are some highlights from his Instagram account: ‘The only thing I know is that nature has beauty, that I am beautiful and that the world is beautiful.

And it’s time to embrace the world.’ 

This is a beautifully detailed painting of a tulip. 

Tulips are among the most common plants in the world and they have been in use since the ancient days. 

This tulip was painted by Tulip de Tres Arboreille, a Dutch painter, for a painting in 1848. 

 He painted this tulip in a beautiful style and created an emotional response to it. 

‘Tulies are beautiful, but they are also fragile.

We don’t want to destroy nature, but we also need to preserve it.’ 

The painting depicts a person who looks like a tulips in a landscape. 

It is a beautiful illustration of nature and it is an inspiration for everyone who wants to be a better human being. 

You can learn more about Tulip by clicking here or you can view his Instagram page here. 

Check out this post from the National Park Service where you can find more information about this beautiful painting. 

Laminate is an art style where you paint on laminate using different colors to create your designs. 

If you like the look of this beautiful piece, you can also view some of his works on his Instagram. 

A beautiful laminate painting of an angel on a canvas by Tulips de Trespasseur. 

There are many other beautiful laminated paintings out there. Enjoy!