Inside the Art Gallery’s Art Centre, there’s a sense of calm, even calmness.

“It’s the best place to be,” says senior curator Sarah P. McBride.

The Art Gallery also offers a glimpse of the art community’s diversity, with more than 100 different artists and galleries contributing to the museum’s programming.

“The diversity is not only reflected in the work itself, but also in the ways people connect to the work and how it fits into their lives,” says P.J. McConagh, Art Gallery president.

The galleries will have a permanent art exhibition on display, a multi-media installation called ‘Tropical Storm’ and a temporary exhibition called ‘Beware the Dandy.’

“It’ll be a little bit different than what you see on the outside, but we’ll also be doing a bit of something different,” McConagh says.

It’s part of the Artscape project that was announced in January 2018.

The project aims to provide an outlet for artists and their fans to connect and share their works, including a new permanent collection in the Art Museum’s new permanent galleries.

The gallery also will host a series of free events and open house events that will be a part of Artcape.

It will also host events for people interested in learning more about the Art Canada portfolio and art history.

The new Art Centre will also have a new exhibition on the rise.

“We’re hoping to open up the Art Centres program to more people, and also allow more people to explore and learn about the art that’s happening,” says McConaughey.

“And to create a space that feels more open and more accessible.”

McConough says that there’s room for more diversity, and that people will be able to interact with more artists and have an easier time discovering new works.

The first major Art Centre expansion, the Art Deco Theatre, opened in June 2018.

It is currently housed in the existing Art Gallery and will become the new exhibition space.

The renovations to the Art Institute of Ontario will include a new Art Decoupler Room that will allow patrons to enjoy more items from the Art Curators Program.

“This is part of an overall expansion to the Arts Centre program,” says Kory Wirth, associate curator.

“I think the next Art Centre is going to be a great addition to the program and a great experience for our guests.”

The Art Centre’s Art Gallery is part one of the Art and Design Program that was launched in the fall of 2018.

Its main focus is on art and design and is focused on artists and designers.

The main focus of the program is the creation and preservation of heritage works.

“To have the Art gallery program at the Art College of Ontario is very exciting,” says Art College director David W. Boudreau.

“People are going to come to this new Art College, this new gallery, to see works that they have never seen before.”

The first Art Centre opening date is not yet known.

For more information on the Art Cinema, please visit


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