Interior decorator Lauren Karpinski’s ‘Frostbitten’ series of interiors has become a favorite of art lovers in the Midwest.

Her first project is called ‘A Frozen House’ and is a new installation in Chicago.

Karpinski began painting the interiors at her gallery in 2014, and is the designer behind the designs.

“When we started the series, I just wanted to create something for myself that was not just for myself,” she said.

When she began, the furniture was mostly a blank slate.

“I felt like I wanted to be the master of my own world, and this is the opportunity to bring that to life,” she added.

The project features pieces that range from art objects to furniture pieces, from stained glass windows to stained glass chairs.

The interiors feature artwork from artist Amy Miller and her partner, artist Laura Boudreau, as well as a selection of murals.

While most of the interments were painted before the season, Karpinks “Frostbite” series is meant to bring the concept of ‘frozen’ to the next level.

“I wanted to bring something new, but also create something that was familiar to me,” she explained.

As the show unfolds, Karsky’s “Frozen” decorates the interior of the gallery, where she works.

In one room, the interlocked pieces of furniture blend into the background and the murals pop in and out of the room.

In another room, a wall-mounted fireplace is painted a bright blue, giving the space a wintery feel.

In one of the muruses, an intricate, frosted ceiling is painted with intricate, black lines that resemble a snowflake.

The interlocking pieces also blend into a more traditional white space, with a snow globe on the wall.

A fireplace is also placed inside a snow-filled room.

“FrostBitten” interiors are a series of six murals, all designed to evoke the sensation of winter.

“My favorite thing about this art is the way it creates a sense of nostalgia for us as children when we were little,” Karskies said.

“It’s really a nostalgic experience.”

She said she had been inspired by the interlocking murals by “The Frozen Ever After” movie, and by her mother, who lived in Canada when she was young.

During her stint at the gallery she also worked with her daughter, Jennifer, who has an artist’s degree from the University of Michigan.

“Jennifer and I worked together to make this happen,” Karpks said.

The artist said she is always inspired by her daughter.

Jennifer Karpkies said that she is constantly looking for inspiration from her mother.

“Her drawings are always like that little fairy tale that you can see in your head,” Jennifer said.


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