How do you create a poster illustration that screams ‘I am the Titanic’ with a poster that is bursting with energy?

If you ask me, it’s pretty simple.

The first step is to get your hand painted.

For this particular poster, I chose a painting of a ‘Tunisian’ ship.

This painting is a homage to the ‘Tower of Babel’ in ‘The Odyssey,’ and it was created by the Dutch artist and illustrator, Rijn van der Zwan.

To create a new piece, you can either create a rough drawing or draw on the sketch of your choice.

Here’s how you can get started.

Step 1.

Get Your Painting.

Start by getting your painting ready.

Start with a black background and white lettering on the front and sides of the poster.

If you don’t have a painting, you’ll need to get one from a local art gallery.

This can be found on Etsy or a local gallery.

Step 2.

Add Your Paintbrush.

You can get creative with the paintbrush and paint the image.

I used the “G-Code” paintbrush on my black background, and the “B” brush on my white letter.

Once you get the paint to look right, you’re ready to go.

Step 3.

Paint Your Piece.

I took the black background in my sketch and added a bit of black to it to create some highlights on my painting.

Once I had everything in place, I used my “B-Code Paintbrush” to paint my piece on top of the background.

This creates a shimmery effect, which is exactly what you want.

Step 4.

Paint on The Poster.

When you’re done, you need to paint your piece on your poster.

I found it helpful to use a soft brush to create highlights on the poster and add a little bit of sparkle.

Once your piece is painted, you want to add a bit more detail to your piece with your “B”, “G” and “C” brushes.

You want to create the ‘flapping’ effect on your piece, which I did with my “C”.

Step 5.

Apply Your Poster.

After your piece has been painted, it was time to apply some primer.

I decided to use “B”.

This was my first time using this brush and I’m really happy with the results.

The result was a great blend of black and white and vibrant colors.

Step 6.

Let It Dry!

Your piece will be ready to hang on the wall!


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