Modern art is a wonderful mix of modern and contemporary design.

But some of the most beautiful and important pieces in contemporary art are in the interiors of home décor.

In fact, a lot of modern art interiors are actually made by the architects of the period and have a history that dates back to the mid-1800s.

We’re talking about architecture that has been built around the concept of the home, the way you’re going to live, and how you’re expected to live.

And this has been a hallmark of modern architecture for a long time.

Today, the inter-iors of most homes are more of a statement than a design element.

They’re supposed to be a statement of the design.

And that’s something you don’t see often in contemporary architecture.

But it’s something that I think is going to continue to change, and that’s because of the technology that’s moving in.

So I’m going to be looking at a couple of things: What are the design trends and what are the interstices between design trends that are going to become more prevalent over the next five years?

And what are some of those trends that we’re going back to that we think will continue to evolve?

So, what are these trends that you’re looking at?

Well, for one thing, there are a lot more interior designers working in this area, and we have a lot less room for innovation.

There are a few trends that I’m looking at that have actually existed since the 1950s, that were already present at the time of the 1930s.

But they were sort of outmoded, and there was an increasing demand for interiors in homes of all shapes and sizes.

So these trends are going out of fashion.

And they’re kind of a combination of the ideas that were being pushed at the end of the 1960s, which was an all-encompassing approach to the interior of the house, which focused on the interior, and a lot on the design of the interior and the interconnections.

But at the same time, we were moving in an era where a lot is happening in the exterior of the homes.

There were all kinds of innovations going on in the home that were really going to impact the design and interior of a home.

So we’re starting to see more and more interiors that were designed for the exterior.

The designers were designing interiors around that.

So the interior is starting to be very important in the design, and it’s going to come down to the materials.

We’ve got a lot bigger choices in the materials that we use to build these interiors.

We have all kinds and variety of materials, including glass, wood, stone, metal, and more.

There’s a lot that’s available in these interties, and the designers are working with all of them.

And so, the trends are changing, and they’re going from what we see today, to what is being used today.

One thing that I was particularly looking at is how we’re creating more of these modern interiors with the advent of modern technology.

The first big one is that technology has enabled designers to go out and design more and better.

There is a trend right now in interiors, which is the use of new materials.

And we’re seeing more and a growing number of these.

So for example, we have some really nice interiors from Japan that are a little bit like a modernist look.

We saw a couple a couple years ago in New York that really brought that look to the market.

And it was really a combination with modern design.

The modernist elements are really the modernist materials that are really used in those interiors and they are really unique and striking.

So, there is a lot going on with the interties that we see now.

But there are also a couple that are completely new.

One is a sort of retro-modern style, where you’re not really going for the modern.

You’re not trying to match the modernity.

You want to be the modern, but you’re also trying to bring a lot to the table.

And the other trend is this idea of modernism in the interior design.

They were really trying to create something that was timeless.

And modern design is very much about keeping that, but also trying not to be too traditional.

We want to keep the feel of the old in our interior.

And some of these intertyping trends are just taking that idea and applying it to modern interties.

The interiors really have to be able to be something new.

There has to be some sort of new look.

And I think that the newness in the modern interities is what is making them so exciting.

There was something so much about the 1960’s interiors for example.

It was a very modern style.

It had this kind of retro aesthetic.

There wasn’t a lot really to do


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