With the opening of the new Museum of Contemporary Art, the interior art collection at the former Hogwart’s School of Design has just begun to reveal its full potential.

The artworks will be on display at the museum’s first expansion of its new permanent collection, the Hogwart School of Art, to expand into the new museum’s new collection space.

The new permanent exhibition, titled “Seeds of Power,” features works by artists from around the world.

Among the works are work by local artist Paul Denton, who drew attention to the “black hole” that is the current U.S. economy with his “Till Death Do Us Part” and “In The Flesh,” which show how a community can fight for justice and equity by challenging a system that perpetuates injustice.

The work also features the work of renowned artist Michael Pfleger, who created a number of murals, including the “Killing Ground” mural and the “Passion for Life” mural.

This new permanent exhibit will also include works by a variety of other artists who have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some of the works have been on display in the museum since 2009.

Some are not yet in the permanent collection.

At this point, the museum has only one permanent gallery, which is now closed for renovations.

In order to open this new permanent gallery and the new permanent art collection, Hogwart will need to raise a total of $150 million from private donors, according to the museum.

It’s unclear how much the new Hogwart artworks might cost, but the museum plans to use the money to build the new collection.

The new permanent installation will also feature new installations, including an “open space” by local artists, a mural by local street artist M.C. Visconti, and a mural that’s part of the permanent exhibition.

While the new exhibition is opening with new pieces and an introduction to the new new permanent collections, the original collection is currently open for tours and exhibits.

If you’re looking for more information on the Hogwarts School of Fashion, be sure to check out the gallery above for more info.

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